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Soul Quest: Journey from Death to Immortality
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Soul Quest: Journey from Death to Immortality

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An enlightened master was once asked, "who are you? are you an angel, a god, or what?!" The Master replied with a meaningful smile, "I am awake!"

Indeed, an enlightened being never claims anything other than just that, and with such profound simplicity! And, this book is an honest account of the writer's journey to such an awakening... of the agony, and the ecstasy, that a soul experiences on its way to enlightenment. The writer also gives the reader numerous useful tips, including a complete program on "Self-Management", in order to help facilitate the path for those who are desirous of undertaking their own soul's journey.

A friendly greeting to those who are already awake, this book is an eye opener to those of you who are slumbering, and an alarm with a loud ring to those of you who maybe still fast asleep!


Author: Anand Krishna
Format: Soft Cover
Size: 14 x 21 cm.
Number of page: 232 pages.
ISBN: 979-22-0153-x
Weight: 250 gram
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
First published on: 2002

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