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Christ of Kashmiris
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Christ of Kashmiris

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This book is about the Ever-Living Jesus and His Gospel for Modern Man and Woman. Jesus not only lived in India, but also shed His mortal body there to attain to Immortality.

Anand Krishna does not dwell on the “pros and cons” regarding the historicity of Jesus, rather on the relevance of Jesus' teachings in modern times.

He not only discusses Jesus, Muhammad, Khidr, Jhulelal, the Mahabarata war, the 9/11 tragedy and the Bali bombing but also the roots of terrorism and offers a solution.

He believes that “love is the only solution” and this book is a running commentary to that end. In the pages of this “must read” book, he shares his experiences with love. This very important book reveals what no author before him has revealed.

Warning: This book is very subjective. It begins with the acknowledgement of Jesus’ divinity, Who is known as Saint or Prophet Isa by the Tibetans and the Sufis, and as Sage Yuzu Asaph by the Kashmiris. If you doubt it, then this book may not be for you!

Anand Krishna
Format: Hard Cover atau Soft Cover
Ukuran: 15 x 21,5 cm.
Halaman: 254 hal.
ISBN: 978-979-16787-3-5
Berat: 400 gram
Penerbit: Anand Krishna Global Cooperation
Diterbitkan: 2008

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