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Guru Yoga - The Way Within
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Guru Yoga - The Way Within

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Masters are not comfort-pillows. Masters are always hostile to our illusory comfort. They cannot be otherwise. They are against our innate laziness. They want us to wake up. If we want to wake up, then we must bear with the Master-Bell ringing. Let us not put off the Master-Alarm. Let us bear with their hostility to our sleep and laziness.

The True Master is within us, the sound of ringing bell comes from within us. It is our true 'self' trying to wake us up. Let us listen to the calling of our 'self' - that is the calling of the Master. Indeed, it is us calling our ‘self’.

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Do not advice others.
You are in need of advice yourself.

Janganlah menasehati orang lain.
Engkau sendiri masih membutuhkan nasehat.

From The Gospel of Mahamaya
by Anand Krishna

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